First a social matter:

Relief project “
India’s Street Kids - everyone can help

I’m supporting my mother’s project for example by doing the computer support and creating the website for it. I don’t like the church and all those “bless you” get onto my nerves, but I think it is a worthwhile project which is helping a lot of kids. If you are looking for a relief project where 100% of the money gets to the children in need (even the Raiffeisen Bank and the Sparkasse (Savings Bank) support the project with a free account and do not take fees for remittances to India), then please have a look at the website.


Important note about Safari 4 1.0

Apple seems to have changed Safari 4 so that the changes are no longer set via Prefs but are build-in. Nothing I can do about that until someone figures out a way to modify Safari 4.

Version 0.3.2 now available

I have to set up quite a few Macs, and as I got tired of always using the terminal to change the hidden preferences of Safari 4 I wrote a quick app using REALbasic to make life easier for me. As others might find it useful too I decided to put it out into the wild - but please be aware that you are using it at your own risk. The app is doing the same thing that the terminal commands are doing so nothing should go haywire.
If you’d like to know more about REALbasic then just read what I wrote about it on my REALbasic page or go to the REALsoftware website.

As you might have read the success of Safari 4 Modifier caught me by surprise - over 3000 downloads in the first 16 hours via versiontracker alone!


As a result I exceeded my ISPs download quota (actually it is my parent’s ISP) before I could move the files to a new download server and am now looking at an unexpected bill. So if you find it useful I’d appreciate a small donation via PayPal to contribute to paying for the bill.

How to use:

Simply check or uncheck the boxes.


If you hover over a check box then a balloon pops up with descriptive text.

Download it from here (2,9 MB) only if you are still using Safari 3!

Note on French Localization
You can also localize Safari 4 beta in French - see here

Version 0.3.2

  • Like the terminal program S4M too uses the unix shell built into MacOS X to run commands. Now if for whatever reason the unix shell can’t execute the commands given (which most likely means you should restart your Mac) then S4M could get trapped in an error loop. This has been fixed.

Version 0.3.1

  • enabled locking / unlocking code (sorry for the oversight)

Version 0.3
  • added ability to lock the Safari preference file. Changes can still be made in Safari and work but after a restart the locked settings are used. This is useful if you share your computer and someone else keeps changing the Safari preferences.
  • checks on startup if Safari prefs are locked
  • increased font size for better readability
  • main window size changes automatically to accommodate different languages
  • added Window menu
  • added minimize menu and shortcut ( m)
  • modified "About" window
  • center window on start-up
  • modified warning window which appears when Safari is running
  • modified icon
  • added "contact developer"
  • corrected behaviour of weblinks in "About" window
  • french localization thanks to Thomas Schip

Version 0.2.4
  • disabled minimize button on “About” window
  • corrected tab order
  • reworked graphics
  • reworked icon
  • renamed “Info” menu to “Help”
  • renamed menu “Close” to “Close Window”
  • renamed window “About” to “About Safari 4 Modifier”
  • added bundle identifier
  • localized main window title

Version 0.2.3
  • changed start-up warning into sheet window
  • reworked “About …” window
  • no longer shows “About …” window on start-up
  • added link to Safari 4 Modifier website in “About …” window

Version 0.2.2
  • If you use the Toolbar Redesign then you automatically use the New Load Progress Style as they are linked. To make this clearer activating "Toolbar Redesign" will now automatically enable "Use New Load Progress Style"
  • reworked some of the help tags

Version 0.2.1
  • added german localization
  • checks on startup if Safari is running and if so warns that (a) preferences should not be changed while Safari is running, and (b) changes will not take effect until Safari is restarted.
  • streamlined interface (removed items not yet or not fully implemented)
  • main window is no longer resizable (shouldn't have been in the first place)
  • added Close menu
  • added shortcuts to close windows with Apple-w
  • app now quits when main window is closed
  • added About menu
  • added About window
  • removed edit menu (there is nothing to edit so it is unnecessary)
  • added info menu
  • added menu item with link to Safari 4 Modifier website
  • added menu item to contact author
  • added menu item to visit REALbasic website
  • cursor now changes appropriately on web links in the "About" window
  • added visual feedback when web or email links are clicked
  • fixed error popping up when "Clear recent searches" was clicked more than once (after doing it once there was nothing left to clear so an error was raised on subsequent presses of the button)
  • corrected version info

As some people posted some very misleading comments on Versiontracker and other sites comparing Safari 4 Modifier with Safari 4 Buddy I decided to put up a comparison of the two

REALbasic affiliate program:

If after trying REALbasic you decided to buy it then you can support this site and the software I develop by clicking the image left - it will take you to the REALsoftware store, and as a referrer I get a small percentage.